Case Study

From Overworked to Semi-Retired

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Marcel is 64, and has had a long career as a partner in an optometry practice. He’s enjoyed his career, and all the challenges that have come with it. He doesn’t want to quit yet – just reduce his workload – but he would like to have the option. He’s just not sure when, or if, he’ll be able to retire without sacrificing his quality of life. And he worries that it may be too late to consult an advisor…


At 62, Marcel had no intention of really retiring. But he also knew that he was at a point where he needed to be set up for when he did want to retire. However, doubts and questions plagued his mind:

Should I retire? Or should I keep working?

How do I work part time versus full time when I start to transition into working less at the office?

Do I have enough money or not? And how does being a partner in an optometric practice factor into my net worth?


Marcel had worked with some good financial advisors in the past. But he knew there were some things that were difficult to understand from the outside looking into optometric practice.

His old advisors knew he had an income from being an optometrist… But they didn’t really have an idea of the earning potential, how easy or hard it was to sell a practice, and other details unique to owning one.


When Marcel first spoke to the team at IPWM, he was impressed.

He knew they weren’t practice management consultants, but he instantly felt they understood his business, its value, how he could sell it if he wanted to, and how it all fit into his financial plan.

The team at IPWM took a comprehensive picture of Marcel’s entire financial situation, listened to his work and life goals, and gave him specific ways to leverage his practice to create outcomes that fit in with overall comprehensive financial strategy and also the life that he wanted to have.


Now, Marcel works just two days a week, and spends the rest of his time biking, reading and taking his grandkids to the swimming pool. He’s happy knowing his practice is financially organized to not only run without taking too much of his attention, but also that when he decides to retire for good, he’ll be fully prepared to do so without sacrificing quality of life.

Note: The Above Case Study Is Hypothetical And Does Not Involve An Actual Integrated Planning And Wealth Management Client. No Portion Of The Content Should Be Construed By A Client Or Prospective Client As A Guarantee That He/She Will Experience The Same Or Certain Level Of Results Or Satisfaction If Integrated Planning And Wealth Management Is Engaged To Provide Wealth Management Or Investment Advisory Services.

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