As a Practice Owner, your Financial Challenges are Unique

So, when our clients find us, they come with a lot of questions:
  • How will I know when working in my practice is a matter of choice for me?
  • Is it too late (or too soon?) to start working with a financial advisor?
  • What if I want to sell my practice? What are the correct steps to take?
We’ve seen what can happen when you do (and don’t) plan for the implications of being a business owner.

But we’ve also seen that if you have a clear plan, and an accountability partner to hold you to it…

You can’t help but be successful.

However, for many practice owners, their income depends on how much time they can put into their business.

And between the time and energy your responsibilities demand, trying to figure out a plan on your own can seem impossible.

Plan Business, Finance and Life on your Own Terms

We help you turn your practice into an asset that frees your time.

Then, whether you want to grow your business further, optimize it for selling someday, or just have the time to take your kids to the waterpark on a Wednesday afternoon…

You know you have the option.

It’s never too soon — and never too late — to have a plan.

Whether you want to work for another year or the next twenty, we’ll help you bring out your practice’s full potential so that the choice is yours… and on your terms.

As Adam, our founder (who’s married to an optometrist by the way) likes to say:

“The juice is worth the squeeze.”

Ready to get started?

The first step is a short, casual conversation to see if we can help.

Our calls are always relaxed and pressure-free. Guaranteed.

About Adam Cmejla

We’re married to optometry. Literally.

As the husband of a practicing optometrist, Adam knows the practice and business landscape of optometry has changed significantly in the recent past. So, too, have the financial implications of being an optometrist.

About the Team

  • Adam Cmejla
    Adam F. Cmejla, CFP®

    Founder and Wealth Advisor

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  • John Bohnsack
    John Bohnsack, CFP®

    Wealth Advisor

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  • Cathy Sutter

    Practice Manager

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  • Kate Skowronek, CFP®

    Client Service Advisor

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Our process uses proven concepts and applications to help you become better educated, prepared, and organized for the financial implications of your business model.

Our ideas and concepts, from start-up through ultimately transitioning your practice to the next generation, are focused on ensuring business continuity. You’ve spent time, energy, and sacrifices to provide financial security for those you care about – and we’re here to make those goals a reality