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A head start on Financial Success

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Andrew is an optometric practice owner in his early 40s. He got a head start on planning his finances with a friend of his who had started a financial advising firm. But when his friend started changing his service model, Andrew’s business outgrew his offer. He needed to find a new advisor.


When Andrew’s optometry practice outgrew his previous advisor, he found himself in need of a new one. Before they parted ways as friends, Andrew asked him if he had any recommendations for who he should work with. He was pleasantly surprised when he recommended a planner whose podcast he’d been listening to for a while.


Andrew hesitated to jump into a relationship with a new advisor. He was concerned about working with someone remotely, as finances are very personal. And, as an optometrist, using virtual meetings instead of in-person seemed odd. But trying to find one who understood his business model would be a challenge. And since he and his wife preferred to take a “set it and forget it” approach to investing, they would need someone they could trust absolutely with their finances.


From the first chat with the IPWM team, Andrew and his wife found it easy to work with them. There was no pushy sales pitch, the conversion was easy and it was obvious that they were speaking to someone who understood their business model intimately. They made the decision to move their assets and planning over to IPWM, and didn’t look back.


The IPWM team analyzed the business, figured out how much “lazy money” they had sitting around, and helped them set up brokerage accounts, separate from their 401k’s, to put that money to work. They also helped Andrew and his wife switch their office assets to an investment vehicle that would generate better returns for later in their lives.

Andrew and his wife have become accustomed to remote consulting via Zoom, and even prefer it now. They are also well on their way to being able to retire by the time they want to.

If they could change anything about their relationship, it would be only that they had started sooner.

Note: The Above Case Study Is Hypothetical And Does Not Involve An Actual Integrated Planning And Wealth Management Client. No Portion Of The Content Should Be Construed By A Client Or Prospective Client As A Guarantee That He/She Will Experience The Same Or Certain Level Of Results Or Satisfaction If Integrated Planning And Wealth Management Is Engaged To Provide Wealth Management Or Investment Advisory Services.

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