20/20 Money Episode #65 – What Every Optometrist Should Know About Life Insurance

Life insurance for optometrists is something that probably isn’t the topic of conversation when ODs get together and chat, but it’s an important part of a well-rounded financial plan. Unfortunately, there are many different options for life insurance and they’re not all created equal, especially when you take into consideration the conflicts of interest that exist between you the client and the person selling you a policy.

On this episode I share with you the basics of the different kinds of life insurance and which type of life insurance I believe is going to be satisfactory for the vast majority of ODs. I also talk about how I think about life insurance, a unique way to think about structuring your life insurance policies, how to determine how much you need, and how carrying debt on the practice can influence and impact your life insurance strategies.

As a reminder you can get all the information talked about on today’s show by visiting www.integratedpwm.com and clicking on the learning center. While there you can also learn more about our process, how we work with ODs around the country, and even set up a quick 15 min call to learn more about our firm.


Life Insurance Needs Calculator




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