20/20 Money Episode #95 – How to Pay Less in Taxes the Year You Sell Your Practice with Karl Willman

Optometrists that own their own practice are always looking for strategic ways to reduce their tax liability. The tax bill that’s generated when an optometrist sells their practice can have a big impact on how much money they keep as a result of the transaction.

Retirement plans like the 401(k) profit sharing plan are usually go-to strategies, but there are limitations in how much one can contribute annually into these plans. Additionally, there’s little that can be done with a 401k profit sharing plan to help offset and reduce the tax liability that’s generated in the year of the sale.

Cash balance plans are a little-used planning strategy by optometrists. If used correctly, though, a cash balance can help a practice owner accelerate their accumulation of retirement dollars, capture significant tax deductions in the year of contributions, and offset potential tax liabilities generated in the year of a practice sale.

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