20/20 Money Episode # 79 – Thinking about practice valuations in the midst of COVID19 with Matt Howard

Welcome to another episode of 20/20 Money. My guest on today’s show is Matt Howard. Matt is a CPA and CVA, which is a Certified Valuations Analyst, with Blue and Co here in Indianapolis. I’ve known Matt for a number of years and have always appreciated and valued his opinion. Today’s conversation is a bit unorthodox as there really wasn’t a whole lot of planning behind the content. What started out as a simple question on the phone between two friends and colleagues turned into I feel a very timely episode: how should buyers and sellers of practices be thinking about valuations in the midst of COVID-19?

In our conversation, we talk about what sellers should be focused on in their financials even more as practices look to come out and reopen. We talk about the timeline of transactions, the impact of a practice’s financials in 2020 on overall valuations, and how 2020 financials could be factored into transactions that are closed in 2021 and beyond. We wrap up the conversation by again emphasizing how important it is that optometrists have a plan for how they’re going to exit their practice and ensuring that they know what their personal financial plan “needs” from their practice in order to live their best life, on purpose.

As a reminder, you can get all the information discussed in today’s conversation by visiting our website at integratedpwm.com and clicking on the Learning Center. While there, you can also set up a 20-30min Discovery conversation to learn a little bit more about how we serve ODs around the country & what it means to work with our firm or check out any number of additional free resources like our eBooks and on-demand webinars.

And with that introduction, I hope you enjoy my conversation with Matt Howard.

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