Episode #39

20/20 Money Episode # 39 – 1031’s and DST’s: Tax and Investment Considerations When Selling Commercial Real Estate

August 5, 2019

Hello, and welcome to this episode of 20/20 Money! My guest on today’s show is Nina O’Neal. Nina is a partner and investment advisor with Archer Investment Management in Raleigh, NC. What’s interesting and unique about Nina, though, is her breadth and depth of experience in the world of real estate investments, specifically as it pertains to strategies and solutions for the gains and proceeds that are realized when business owners sell commercial real estate they owned either as part of their business or other separate entity.

During our conversation, we talk about the tax implications of selling commercial real estate and how utilizing a 1031 or, specifically, a DST may be a viable alternative. We talk about the three things that one should consider to determine if a DST is a potential solution as well as the tax benefits of receiving DST income. Nina also explains how long DSTs last and other variables to consider, including the one thing that EVERY investor of a DST must meet in order to invest in this type of offering. She also shares the timeline investors should be mindful of if they think utilizing 1031s/DST is going to be the path for them along with the cost structure of DSTs. To wrap up our conversation, we break the mold a bit and talk about good NC BBQ as well as a passion project that she’s been working on called the Female Advisor Network and how ODs can use her success story as a way to propel their own initiatives and passions forward in the field of optometry.

As a reminder, you can get all the information discussed in today’s conversation by visiting our website at integratedpwm.com and clicking on the Learning Center. While there, be sure to check out our latest educational piece that we put out, which is an on-demand presentation titled Top 5 Long-Term Planning Mistakes Made by ODs or any other number of resources we’ve created.

And with that introduction, I hope you enjoy my conversation with Nina O’Neal.


Archer Investment Management 1031 Exchanges

Nina O’Neal

Understanding Depreciation Recapture

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