Episode #279

20/20 Money Episode #279 – How a hyper-effective, right-fit team can increase your profitability: a follow up convo with Dr. Mike Neal, OD

March 11, 2024

Welcome to this episode of 20/20 Money! My guest on today’s show is Dr. Mike Neal, OD. Mike is the founder of a number of different businesses, include a primary care practice in PA called Lakeside Vision and Build My Team, an effective outsourced hiring system for eyecare that does not use resumes. Mike joins me back on the show to provide additional context and clarity around the numbers that he shared on the first episode, proving/dispelling the naysayers out there about the margins of his practice. This episode admittedly went long, but I really believe it’s packed with a lot of great insight for practice owners. We talk about the process he used to successfully add an associate in the practice and what that’s meant to the profitability, how he embraces training for success, and leadership qualities that have proven to be successful when empowering his team to effectively run the practice and own each of their respective responsibilities to drive profitability in the practice. We talk about how he’s been able to protect his margins so well year-over-year. We wrap up the conversation with the time-tested (albeit probably frustrating) reoccurring theme that successful practices and their owners take that contribute to their success. 

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And with that introduction, I hope you enjoy my conversation with Dr. Mike Neal, OD. 

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