Episode #103

20/20 Money Episode # 103 – How to Talk to Kids About Money

October 26, 2020

The concept of talking to kids about money can be both a taboo and ambiguous process. For optometrists that own their own practice, there’s an added variable of owning your own practice and using it as a vehicle to not only be in a position of paying your kids but also the generational wealth that can be created by you.

In this episode I’ll share a number of ideas and tools to consider when teaching your kids from an early age about money. I’ll share what age you should start talking to kids about money, the importance of using an example-based teaching approach, the three-bucket approach, and an example of how we’re doing this in our family with our daughter.

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Talking to Kids About Money – Child Mind Institute

Teaching Kids About Money (Dave Ramsey)

Financial Peace Jr (Kids Money Kit from Dave Ramsey)

Episode Transcript

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