Our Ideal Client

Is Committed to Success: understand that being proactive, intentional, and committed to goals is what achieves success and are willing (not just wanting) to do the work to implement solutions to achieve their most important aspirations.

Appreciates Life: they understand there’s more to life than the rate of return or the size of their portfolio. “Quality of life,” “freedom,” and “peace of mind” are important phrases when thinking about financial planning and financial goals.

Enjoys a holistic, comprehensive approach:they like the clarity of having a lead advisor that knows the totality of their financials, acting as their “personal CFO.”

Realizes there are limits on control: they understand that there are areas in life (financial and otherwise) that they can control and others that they cannot. They are cognizant that the latter can distract them from their progress and are intentional about focusing on areas they can control.

Is a delegator: they recognize that we are all experts in our respective professions and prefer to delegate tasks and responsibilities that take away from the truly important areas of their life.

Is accountable: they appreciate that “how much, by when” is a phrase that means progress will be made towards goals that we’ve mutually agreed to implement. Just as with fitness, progress is not made unless work is put in.

Appreciates professionalism & a true client experience and are willing to pay for it: all costs will be clearly discussed and disclosed to clients up front.

Is looking for a partner for life: they are looking to form committed relationships with an advisor. It is our intention to always continue to earn the privilege of serving them and their families.